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Letter to the Knox News Editor by TNP supporter

Letter to the Knox News Editor by TNP supporter

Sister Megan Rice, Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael R. Walli, also known as the Transform Now Plowshares, are modern-day prophets. In a nuclear world gone mad, the three Catholic activists — all of whom have spent time in jail and prison for their anti-war work — risked their lives last week to expose the folly of nuclearism. At Oak Ridge, admiration abounds toward weapons of mass destruction; weapons that could end life as we know it on planet Earth are revered and viewed with pride.

This is evidence of how far humans — made in the image and likeness of a loving God (Prince of Peace) — have fallen from Grace. No longer does the world put its faith in a Divine Higher Power, but rather a nuclear higher power. A threat to incinerate millions of innocents is now deemed acceptable “national defense.” Jesus weeps.

In the weeks and months ahead, much will be made of the lax security that allowed unarmed anti-war activists — carrying blood, bread and roses — to roam the Oak Ridge facility unnoticed for two hours. This can be easily explained — It was the Holy Spirit that safely led the trio to their intended target. A few hammer blows of transformation were struck, the damage symbolic, the activists ready to do hard time. But what will we learn from these prophets? I already know. Like all prophets, these three will be scorned, ridiculed and rejected. Their simple message: “Ours is a God of Love” will be scoffed at by a culture that puts its faith in weapons of war, refusing to heed the warnings of the Blessed Peacemakers. To the three, I simply say, Thank You and Godspeed.

Patrick O’Neill Garner, NC 919 779 912


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