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Sr. Megan Rice interview upon release, Knoxville News Sentinel

Sister Megan Rice was recorded by videographer Adam Brimer for the News Sentinel shortly after her release.  Below is a rough transcription of the interview she gave.

Your assistance is much appreciated.  You have the mission of spreading the truth.  The truth will heal us and heal our planet, heal our diseases, which result from the disharmony of our planet caused by the worst weapons in the history of mankind, which should not exist.  For this we give our lives — for the truth about the terrible existence of these weapons.

Which has only escalated in the last seventy years.  I was aware of it before it was even made, because I was 82, when I was nine years old I was aware that a huge secret thing happening three minutes from where I lived in Manhattan.  The man next door was a physicist and a mathematician, his name was Dr. [Seeley Katt?].  Next door, as near as that door is, to our apartment.  We knew he was doing something secret in his work.  He couldn’t even tell his wife what he was doing, nor his daughter.  To me, that the first message that here must be something very evil happening, because how could a husband keep something secret from his wife or children, or vice versa.  This secrecy has predominated this industry. This is why the whole country and whole world has not stopped it, it’s gone on for seventy years.

We have the power, and the love, and the strength and the courage to end it and transform the whole project, for which has been expended more than 7.2 trillion dollars.  Which has gone into that which is only to be transformed and regretted.

Reconciliation is available.  Relying on all people of good will, creation, god’s life, we are all sacred and we will together respond and keep our planet sacred, alive, whole and healthy by transforming this into sustainable alternatives — which exist. To create better jobs! a cleaner environment! and a future for the seventh generation.

When asked if it was easier to get onto the property than she thought it would be…

Far easier! We were led, miraculously. (pause) But it was difficult.  But we had to — we were doing it because we had to reveal the truth of the criminality which is there, that’s our obligation.

How’s it feel to be free again today?

More empowered to continue with the great people of humanity and all creatures in transforming this into life-sustaining and enhancing alternatives.

The video ends with Mike exclaiming from the midst of a group hug:

Nuclear weapons will be eradicated as antichrist scourge from the earth soon! Isaiah will be vindicated, weapons will be destroyed, warmaking will be abolished!



7 thoughts on “Sr. Megan Rice interview upon release, Knoxville News Sentinel

  1. Lucas, thanks for this. What a gal! May use it on our radio show this Friday.

    Posted by Michael Nagler | May 1, 2013, 5:39 pm
  2. Sr. Megan is now free to express her desire for an end to nuclear warfare in all shapes and forms.

    Posted by Joan Stech Totusek | February 18, 2014, 5:39 pm


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