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Declarations in support of Transform Now Plowshares

Three notable people of conscience — Bishop Tom Gumbleton, Dr. Ira Helfand, and Col. Ann Wright — submitted declarations in support of Transform Now Plowshares yesterday.  Here are excerpts from their statements, links to those statements, and links for further viewing.

“The reality is that nothing less than our common survival is at stake.” — Dr. Ira Helfand, co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dr. Helfand’s declaration
Dr. Helfand speaking for the IPPNW on the consequences of nuclear weapons, 2013: youtube video

* * *

“People of faith and people of ethics must resist evil. We cannot remain silent. We must resist and say no in whatever way we can to nuclear war…” — Bishop Tom Gumbleton, retired bishop of Detroit

Bishop Gumbleton’s declaration
Bishop Gumbleton on Democracy Now! on April 12, 2013: video and transcript

* * *

“…they made no attempt to steal or destroy any nuclear and/or classified materials or any other U.S. government property, but instead they entered the facility to call attention to their opposition to the construction and use of nuclear weapons.” — Ret. Col. Ann Wright, diplomat who resigned her post in opposition to the war on Iraq

Ret. Col. Wright’s declaration
Ret. Col. Wright speaking on resistance and acts of conscience in Galway, February 2013: youtube video

These declarations are listed along with all legal documents submitted to the court on the Legal Arguments tab of this site.



One thought on “Declarations in support of Transform Now Plowshares

  1. We must go to Tennessee and we must support these brave three- think about it- who actually does ANYTHING for peace?- certainly not domestic terrorist politicians voting against gun control or international arms trade restrictions. I like to emphasize the positive- but this country gives one pause- doesn’t it. The media can spend all day covering Boston but not one on Congressional opposition to gun control.
    By the ways, the reefs will be gone in 50 years.
    Look for dvds of the forthcoming movie “Hit and Stay” about the anti draft actions.
    Even if many are going “to hell in a handbasket” and even if there is no hell- let us continue to act- we don’t need heaven to be human!

    Posted by dave eberhardt | April 19, 2013, 11:35 am

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