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Industrious work and rollicking reunions

Dear Friends,

Yesterday a group of Transform Now Plowshares defendants and supporters joined students at Maryville College and later at the LSLK Buddhist Temple, to hear a talk by Paul Chappell of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.  Paul used example after example from sociology and military history to illustrate a clear and straightforward message: human beings are not wired for war, we are wired for love.  The witness of Transform Now Plowshares couldn’t be a clearer example that Paul Chappell’s message is true.

Today has been a rainy day, full of quiet work and reunions among friends — from pancake breakfasts, to giant puppet building, to media work, to the Kentucky Derby and the Mandelbrot set. (“It’s about the harmony of the universe,” explained Sister Megan.)

The industrious, quiet hum of the day burst into a joyful uproar as guests rolled into Knoxville from out of town.  Dinner, generously provided by Food Not Bombs and supplemented by talented cooks and bakers here for the trial, tasted especially good in the company of so many good friends.

When asked how the day was for her, Sister Megan said:

Reharmonizing.  By being so inserted into a community — from three, four, five, ten, fifteen individually co-responsible participants — each using his or her own creativity and producing a great organic message of life.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest for all, and centering, and allowing ourselves to be renewed.

May it be so!

Don’t forget, the schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the week can be found here.




One thought on “Industrious work and rollicking reunions


    and thank u Knoxville Presby and Methodist Church of Savior hospitality- “for yr reward shall b great in heaven”

    i don’t know how he concludes we are wired for love not war?
    chk chimp warfare?
    i have attended the plowshares trial 5/5 & 6
    i have participated in such an action- (pouring blood on draft files- 1967)
    men DO seem wired for war (not women i agree) (see konrad lorenz)
    let’s try to b scientific (and philosophically true)

    left mass movements might achieve progress (hasn’t happened yet)
    i think capitalism may destroy the planet (i know this seems pessimistic)
    “Shine perishing republic”- Robinson Jeffers
    get off yr ass and b a plowshares activist!
    whether it succeeds or not.


    “This court does not respect the rule of law-
    the false religion of worshipping the bomb” Michael Walli

    Posted by dave eberhardt | May 7, 2013, 8:31 pm

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