Press Inquiries

Please direct press inquiries to:

Ellen Barfield
Phone: 410.243.5876
Email: ellene4pj (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ralph Hutchison
Phone: 865.776.5050
Email: orep (at) earthlink (dot) net

Paul Magno
Phone: 202.321.6650
Email: pmagno (at) igc (dot) org

Elizabeth McAlister, Sister Ardeth Platte OP, Sister Carol Gilbert OP
Phone: 410.233.6238
Email: disarmnow (at) verizon (dot) net


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Support Transform Now Plowshares

Contributions for jail support for the Transform Now Plowshares activists are welcome and needed! You can mail checks to:

Catholic Worker
PO Box 29179
Washington DC 20017

please mark your check for "Transform Now Plowshares" in the memo line.

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